Monica Isăcescu-Lup – General Manager

Born in Bucharest, she trained in music from early childhood to her PhD under the tutelage of Valentina Sandu-Dediu.

In 1998 she started working (collaborator to presenter and producer) with Radio România Muzical, where she presents live broadcasts of national and international events, news programs, daily series or dedicated marathon-shows as well as interviewing international stars. In 2011 the radio station awarded her the title “Profesionist de excepție” [“Exceptional Professional”].

Monica Isăcescu Lup co-coordinated, with Ștefan Costache, such projects as Zilele Lipatti [Lipatti Days] (2010 and 2012), „Vino și cântă” [Come Play Me!] (2012), 65 de ani fără Dinu Lipatti [65 Years without Dinu Lipatti], Lipatti – Restituiri [Lipatti – Restitutions] (which also saw the launch of trilingual Romanian-English-French site, the only Romanian site dedicated to the great artist), Mihail Jora – Timpul care apropie [Mihail Jora – The Time that Reunites] (2021), Case de muzicieni [Musicians’ Homes] (, 2021).

Participating in numerous national and international musicology conferences and publishing pieces and reviews in dedicated journals, Monica Isăcescu Lup is also co-author of Dinu Lipatti – Muzicianul în imagini [Dinu Lipatti – The Musician in Pictures] with Ștefan Costache, Orlando Murrin and Mark Ainley (Institutul Cultural Român Press, 2020) and co-author of the bibliographic guide Muzica românească din ultimii 50 de ani reflectată în Revista Muzica [Romanian Music of the Past Fifty Years as Reflected in the Muzica Magazine] (Bucharest: Opus Press, 2001) and she edited Dinu Lipatti’s correspondence (Grafoart Press: Bucharest, 2017).

Monica Isăcescu Lup received the Romanian Music Critics Union Award for the 2010 Zilele Lipatti Festival.


English version by Maria Monica Bojin